7 AdWords Principles

In AdWords marketing, all decisions are data-driven. Your goal is to identify most important account data and make experiments based on it. This can be done only if you understand main AdWords principles. 1. Do you have to increase bids to reach more people?  Yes. A volume of relevant traffic is always limited;  The more clients you need, the more you have to pay for every additional client you will get. For example, let’s take Read more about 7 AdWords Principles[…]

AdWords Search Innovations – DLSA and updates to RLSA

Today I was excited to share 2 AdWords updates. AdWords improves RLSA RLSA (search remarketing) has proven to be one of the most useful types of targeting in AdWods. Usually, I use it in 2 cases: To target my past visitors bidding on more general keywords which usually have a lower conversion rate. For example, I create a remarketing list of people who have visited parts of my website which are related to shoes.  Then I create Read more about AdWords Search Innovations – DLSA and updates to RLSA[…]