3 Questions Guide About Google Extensions

This article provides answers to the three key questions about extensions:

  • What is an extension? 
  • How does it work?
  • Which type of extension is most suitable for your goal?

What is an extension?

An extension is a feature that augments your ad with additional information and thereby increases your Click-through-rate.

With the help of extensions, you will provide more reasons for people to choose your business rather than your competitors. Extensions could include data about anything: for example locations, phone numbers, discounts, etc. 

By adding more content to your ad, extensions boost your ad through greater visibility. Extensions increase your Сlick-trough-rate, which positively influences your Quality Score. As a result, you get more relevant clicks for less money. And, you make more profit

All PPC experts should know that Google automatically rotates extensions, choosing a unique combination for each auction. This means that the more extensions you have, the more likely Google will find the most relevant ones and automatically maximize your CTR.

Also, extensions offer one more cool bonus. You can add them to any level of your ad account. This means that if you add it to the campaign level, all ad groups will automatically use this extension.

Now that you have a general information about extensions you will 100% want to use them for your ads.

How does an extension work?

To understand how an extension works, firstly you should create one. Here, I will provide step by step instructions on how to add this feature:

  1. Open your Google ads account.  
  2. At the left column, choose the Ads & Extension.
  3. After that, choose Extensions.
  4. Press the plus button.
  5. Find the type you need and add all information possible.

Congratulations, you created your first extension!

Let’s look at a real-life example:

In this screenshot, you can see a list of extensions and you can see that with each extension about 50 conversions are associated. But this does not mean that we had 500 conversions, it only means that most of the extensions were showed together and achieved conversions together.    

Adding an extension won’t guarantee that it will show with your ad all the time. Three factors will affect the display of an extension:

  • Ad rank. Higher Ad rank = more extensions. 
  • The position of your ad on the Google search results page. Higher position = more extensions.
  • Other extensions you’ve enabled. More extensions created = more extensions shown. 

Which type of extension do you need?

Google ads currently provides 10 extensions. Firstly, I will show you the top 5 most popular extensions, based on campaigns I’ve managed. After that, you will see others.

1.Sitelink extensions 

Sitelink extensions display names of additional pages where users may land from your ad (e.g., main page, product page, policy page, etc). When someone clicks on your links, they go directly to what they want to know or buy. 
A sitelink extension looks like this:

Interesting fact: You need at least 2 sitelink extensions for the sitelinks to appear in the ad. Also, you can show up only 4 extensions for Video campaigns and 8 for Search campaigns.

I personally recommend adding at least 4 sitelinks.

2. Callout extension

With the help of this type of extension, you can promote your special offer or your unique value proposition (e.g., free delivery, online services, etc). A callout extension gives you the opportunity to give the customer the main information about your business without them having to visit your website.
A callout extension looks like this:

Interesting fact: Callout text is limited to 25 characters in most languages, but for double-width languages (like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) it is limited to 12 symbols only.

3. Location extension

This feature will increase your offline sales because it can help customers find your locations by showing your ads with your address, a map to your location, or the distance from them to your business. If they click on this extension, they will see your location page with the main info about your place.
A location extension looks like this:

Interesting fact: To start using this extension, you need to Google my business. It is absolutely free and you should use it 100% if you have an offline store.

4. Call extension  

Call extensions let you add phone numbers to your ads. When your call extensions are shown, customers can tap or click a button and call your business directly.
A call extension looks like this:

Interesting fact: You can count every call as conversion by simply activating call reporting in your account. 

5. Promotion extension

You should use this extension during special events (e.g., Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, etc). This will give you the opportunity to show your best offer. As a result, people will see discounts without having to visit your website.  
A promotion extension looks like this:

Interesting fact: You can choose 1 of 35 Occasion events and your extension will work only during this specific holiday. 

6. Structured snippet extension

Structured snippets show beneath your text ad in the form of a header and a list of values. You can use it if you have a few different types of an item. You will give the customer the opportunity to find the right type without having to visit the website.
A structured snippet extension looks like this:

Interesting fact: You must choose 1 of 13 Headlines and at least 3 Values. 

7. Affiliate location extension

If you have retailers on your business, this extension for you. Affiliate location extensions help people find nearby stores that sell your products.
An affiliate location extensions look like this:

Interesting fact: This feature is only available in 22 countries. Most stores in the United States – 965.

8. Price extension 

Price extensions will show beneath your ad copy on mobile and tablet devices, in a carousel format. Users can scroll left or right on their devices like a carousel. With this feature, you can promote different events, brands, locations, etc.
A price extension looks like this: 

Interesting fact: Not all currencies are available, but a number of cheats or workarounds can be used. For example for Norway, we could use Swedish Krona and users will see only “kr”. The same is true for Australia, where you can use the US dollar.

9. App extension 

App extensions allow you to provide a link to your app from your text ads. Customers either click on your ad headline to go to your site or on the link to your app. App extensions are a great way to provide direct access to the Play Market or App store.
An app extension looks like this

Interesting fact: This feature is only available for two OS: IOS and Android.

10Lead form extension (available only at BETA).

Lead form extensions help you to get leads from your ad without site visiting. After completing the form, you will get additional data (e.g., phone number, name, email, etc). For this feature, you must have a policy page on your website.
A lead form extension looks like this: 

Interesting fact: Currently, you can add 4 fields (Name, Email, Phone number, and Postal code)

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