5 key important factors to get more profit from special events like Black Friday

Valentine’s Day, Christmas & New Year, Black Friday – these are the holidays online retailers cannot ignore. They’re not only a great opportunity to benefit from a common holiday frame of mind but also offer the chance to make more money and let people know about your brand. Here are the 5 main items, which you can use as a brief checklist when you plan to promote your company during these kind of events. They are all from the category “it goes without saying“, but for some reason many advertisers simply ignore them. Let’s go through each of them.

1. Preparation and Strategy. Get everything ready at least 5 days before the event.

Preparation is highly important – have both your strategy and action plan ready on time.
Some customers start to prepare for the holidays in advance, and start e.g. 1 week or even 1 month (or more) before the event and make market research, and/or compare products and prices/. So, what should be the optimal time to launch Ad campaigns during these hot sales seasons for your company?

Of course, there are some differences based on nature of your business but at least 12 to 18 days is the limit time you should consider when planning your promo.

You might already have some experience and an idea about your potential customers, what they might like, follow and search for, what they read, and the organizations they are part of. In case you have this background information, that’s really great, and you should make 100% sure to use it during your promo.
When building your strategy, you should keep in mind that your potential customer may first be running a Google search and then spend some time on Facebook & Instagram before they try to find some ideas via YouTube or via specific websites. So, make sure you consider all platforms your Targeted Audience usually spends their time and may be converted.
All suitable platforms together allow you to build a proper funnel, which combines Warm and Cold traffic to get the best output from your Advertisement.

2. Remarketing

Don’t forget to include Remarketing into your funnel to collect your website visitors, those who watched your videos, and engaged with your Posts. This is your Warm audience, which is the MUST HAVE for every Advertiser to promote your products and promote your company on a permanent basis, not only during the sales season. An instant and well-built Audience list will allow you to build a proper Remarketing channel that is 100% ready for use during the hot season. E.g. if you have several Audiences prepared in Advance, you can separate your offers among them and send specific offers only to those who might like it the most, and offer supporting products to those who purchased categories of your products in the past.

3. Proper Tracking

Make sure your conversion tracking and analytics tools work properly. Sometimes there are a lot of changes on your website, like the addition of new products, content updates, new information about special offers, etc. Spend some time to ensure that your e-commerce and conversion tracking work properly and nothing is missed after website / LP updates.

4. Budgets and Campaigns Structure

Make sure you structure Campaign Budgets to spend the most during sale season. Also, it’s important to separate Campaigns / Ad Groups / Ad Sets based on the traffic you expect to get from these – both warm and cold. This allows us to manage strategies, bids, and Ads better, which are spent during your campaigns. Also, appropriating the campaign structure is important to faster identify the level of campaign performance. 

5. Heat up the interest of the audience step by step

Offer something for free that is also useful for your customers. This will help to increase trust in your brand and start a relationship with the cold audience in a good way.
People might search for something special to present for relatives and friends – simply help them! This can be a free masterclass, ideas for presents, discount coupons and codes, which your customers can use during the sale season….;
People continue to make purchases after the holidays, so you can take advantage of it. This can be a discount for supportive products or a smaller discount than the one you offered during the Sale for products of which you have only a few units left. Tools like scarcity markers will help you attract attention as well;
Based on data you collected during the first part of the promo and historical data, you should customize your offers for customers – e.g. with the help of Dynamic Creatives and Ads on Facebook, Dynamic Remarketing, specific offers based on the Audience, etc.;
Optimize your Campaign based on the obtained results to avoid that the most profitable campaigns are limited by your budget during the hot season.


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