6 principles of persuation in PPC marketing

Over past 10 years Cialdini’s “6 principles of persuasion” have expanded in popularity for 1 reason – they bring results.

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Robert Cialdini

We have tested each principle and our own projects. Let’s go through each in detail:

Principle 1. Scarcity. 

Scarcity is associated with something that is worth great value but is limited.

Something exclusive which is not for everyone. A great example is the Amazon product page.

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People badly want what they can’t get.

  1. Do you have any products or services which are limited in stock?
  2. Can you limit time? For example, a special offer which is available only in the next 2 days.
  3. Do you have anything rare? Which is difficult to replicate.

In the UAWC agency we have used this principle limiting the number of active projects – we don’t take more than 40 projects. In this way, we are able to give better results and charge more for our services.

Principle 2. Reciprocation rule.

To give something valuable for free so they will feel obligated to give back.

You have been affected by this principle every day in real life – you buy a present for someone who bought one to you, you participate in free cheese tasting on the local shop etc.

When it comes to digital your participate in free webinars, download free e-books, get free consultation etc. If you familiar with Tim Ferris his whole marketing system is based on free relevant content. He makes money of 1% of top exclusive content.

  1. Can you give a free lecture or record free webinar?
  2. Do you have products or product samples which you can give for free?
  3. Can you write an e-book and give it in exchange for an email address?
  4. Can you give a free trial or premium service for a limited time?

In UAWC we use this rule offering free 3-page audit for each potential client. It contains all necessary information about PPC campaigns and mistakes which lead to wasted budget.

Don’t stop when you received gift or service in return. Always overdeliver giving an additional value which would be a surprise.

Principle 3. Social proof – show that other people like you.

Do you have testimonials? Video, text etc.

Principle 4. Authority – having some kind of authority is important. Who are your clients?

Are there any influencers which can tell a few good words about your business?

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Principle 5. Linking. When people like you they trust you more. Charismatic.

People are more likely to buy from a good friend whom they like rather than from a stranger. That’s why referral programs are so effective and great.

Principle 5. Consistency. 

Did you implement any changes? Make sure that your message in ads matches with information on the landing page. Otherwise, you will break user expectations and waste your marketing budget.

Think about people in need. Some companies donate % of each product sold

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