80 20 rule in Google marketing

Do you want to have more customers? Sometimes the answer is NO. Following 80 20 rule in marketing 20% of your users give 80% of profit.  Not all users are equal, some customers create more problems than profit.                   Google Analytics can help you to segment users based on their importance so you could sell more to your best customers.   Key takeaways: Determine the most valuable users Read more about 80 20 rule in Google marketing[…]

6 principles of persuations in PPC marketing and 8 ways to implement them on your website

Over past 10 years Cialdini’s “6 principles of persuasion” have expanded in popularity because they bring results. These principles help us to deliver better results from Facebook and Google marketing campaigns. Principle 1. Scarcity.  Scarcity is associated with something that is worth great value but is limited. Something exclusive which is not for everyone. A great example is the Amazon product page.   In UAWC agency we haved used this principle limiting the number of active projects – Read more about 6 principles of persuations in PPC marketing and 8 ways to implement them on your website[…]

ICO marketing – Experiments with 8 traffic sources.

The goal of ICO or “Initial Coin Offering” marketing is to attract investors. ICO projects emerge every day but not all of them succeed in raising capital due to both poor pay per click strategy and value proposition. In the past two years, we have spent more than $15,000,000 on different marketing channels to understand the crucial strategies for a successful ICO marketing launch. For business owners, it’s an instrument to raise funds for their Read more about ICO marketing – Experiments with 8 traffic sources.[…]

7 most important questions during AdWords audit

Many AdWords accounts are not performing well or at least, are not working at their full capacity. The goal of our AdWords audit is to apply the 80/20 rule to AdWords and influence the most valuable AdWords traffic sources. I know business owners who spend 2-3 hours a day with their AdWords management. The sad truth is that most of their actions make no sense as they act blindly. Pay Per Click marketing is the Read more about 7 most important questions during AdWords audit[…]

4 steps in KeyWord research

3 minutes read Keywords are words, phrases, or search strings a stakeholder uses when they’re searching for something in google. Big list of relevant keywords is your competitive advantage. It allows you to: Set up profitable campaigns on Google Ads. Produce relevant content and as a result get more relevant organic (free) visitors to your website. If I would read this article 8 years ago I would save more than 200 working hours on keyword Read more about 4 steps in KeyWord research[…]

Case Study. Health supplements store. USA.

About the client: This is an e-commerce store, which is selling Lab-verified Clean Food under their own brand in the US market. For all e-commerce projects, we are using ROAS + transactions volume as main KPIs. ROAS provides you an understanding of profitability; i.e., if you have invested $100 and received $700 in sales, your ROAS would be 700%. At the start of our collaboration, the client tried to set up AdWords campaigns, but this Read more about Case Study. Health supplements store. USA.[…]

How Google AdWords helps hotels to win the direct booking war – a case study about a hotel in Rome

Here is the problem: Nowadays, a lot of different services allow you to book your stay in almost all hotels: booking.com, trivago.com, hotels.com, etc. Hospitality and tourism is an extremely competitive niche and as a result, has a high cost per click. Therefore, the first thing we were thinking about when our customer (a hotel in Rome) came to us with the problem of a low ROAS metric was how we could increase ROAS without Read more about How Google AdWords helps hotels to win the direct booking war – a case study about a hotel in Rome[…]

In-Depth Guide to Google Remarketing

User visits your website and leaves without buying. Sounds familiar? Would you like to follow him to remind about your business? This is exactly what Google remarketing is all about. Based on our experience with 1000 projects, remarketing is effective for 90% of advertisers. You can create excellent yields from Google remarketing campaigns, such as: More sales with the same (or even lower) cost per conversion Effective branding There are four different types of remarketing: Read more about In-Depth Guide to Google Remarketing[…]

AdWords Negative Keywords – Save money and time with an Excel script.

“Lost money on irrelevant clicks will never be paid back again.“  Unknown. Negative keywords are a crucial component of any AdWords campaign. If you are using different match types (beyond exact), you will bid on search terms that are irrelevant for your business model. This way, you will constantly lose money while reaching an audience that is not interested in your products or services. Adwords Negative Keywords are keywords that you specifically do not want Read more about AdWords Negative Keywords – Save money and time with an Excel script.[…]