Case study – Runescape gold seller

Our client is one of the biggest RS gold traders in the world; his e-commerce platform was designed to offer RS 2007 and RS 3 Gold deals for RS players. The goals: ROAS – 500% Revenue – private info The Approach: Based on our research there were such most critical factors which influence conversion rate: price trust and loyalty to the brand (there are no guarantees in this niche – you can pay without getting anything Read more about Case study – Runescape gold seller[…]

Save Your Money in AdWords with Universal Negative Keyword Lists

One of the most important things for Pay Per Click (PPC) optimization is the use of negative keywords.   Negative keywords are words and phrases that are irrelevant for your business and ones that you do not want searchers to associate with your products and services. When you add negative keywords to your PPC campaigns your ads will not be served if those words are part of the user’s search query. It’s important when adding Read more about Save Your Money in AdWords with Universal Negative Keyword Lists[…]


We are using both external and our own scripts. Our scripts:  Script to upload campaigns directly from Google Doc using SKAG structure and to set all needed settings (simplifies work so you don’t need AdWords editor);  Excel script for Excel to generate relevant expanded ads for big amount of products; Script to work with search report in more convenient way; Script to simplify work with display network campaign excluding low-performing placements;   External scripts:  Bid to Read more about Scripts[…]

7 AdWords Principles

In AdWords marketing, all decisions are data-driven. Your goal is to identify most important account data and make experiments based on it. This can be done only if you understand main AdWords principles. 1. Do you have to increase bids to reach more people?  Yes. A volume of relevant traffic is always limited;  The more clients you need, the more you have to pay for every additional client you will get. For example, let’s take Read more about 7 AdWords Principles[…]

AdWords Search Innovations – DLSA and updates to RLSA

Today I was excited to share 2 AdWords updates. AdWords improves RLSA RLSA (search remarketing) has proven to be one of the most useful types of targeting in AdWods. Usually, I use it in 2 cases: To target my past visitors bidding on more general keywords which usually have a lower conversion rate. For example, I create a remarketing list of people who have visited parts of my website which are related to shoes.  Then I create Read more about AdWords Search Innovations – DLSA and updates to RLSA[…]

Join Today is using Google Display Network to promote their brand and increase number of conversions by 734%

The challenge: Join Today is the Institution which is offering relevant content for people who are looking for financial news. The company has created a great piece of content and was interested in getting more relevant visitors, who interested in financial news to grow their brand awareness. At that moment they were getting traffic from and with very attractive CPA.  Previously they have been testing GDN by themselves but faced such problems: It Read more about Join Today is using Google Display Network to promote their brand and increase number of conversions by 734%[…]