Case study – Runescape gold seller

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Our client is one of the biggest RS gold traders in the world; his e-commerce platform was designed to offer RS 2007 and RS 3 Gold deals for RS players.

The goals:

ROAS – 500%
Revenue – private info

The Approach:

Based on our research there were such most critical factors which influence conversion rate:

  1. price
  2. trust and loyalty to the brand (there are no guarantees in this niche – you can pay without getting anything in return);

We couldn’t influence price. However, we have created a solution which would check our main competitors and alert client if there would be any dumping from his competitors.

To increase brand loyalty, conversion rate and a number of relevant visitors we have created such a plan:

  • List of actions to simplify the purchase process
  • Implement solution which would change website content individually for each customer
  • Add local payment methods for countries with the highest amounts of traffic
  • Brand Remarketing on YouTube
  • RLSA – search remarketing
  • Display Remarketing on Facebook and AdWords
  • Search Campaigns on AdWords
  • Search Campaigns on Bing
  • Gmail Ads
  • YouTube campaigns
  • Different types of Facebook campaigns
  • SEO
  • Referral traffic


List of unsuccessful experiments: 

Gmail Ads. Using this type of traffic you couldn’t remarket people on Gmail however you can target people who are receiving newsletters from competitors. In our case, it turned out that most of the competitors are not using E-mail marketing, so we didn’t get a lot of traffic. But even from those clicks which we got, it was clear that Gmail is not effective for this advertiser:

Campaigns on YouTube. Very often YouTube remarketing campaigns are resulting in a big amount of assisted conversions so in this case, we have designed a campaign which would remarket people and campaigns for specific channels which are related to RS.  We didn’t get any conversions however right now we are designing new YouTube creatives to run the second test.


Most of the referrals which we have tested didn’t bring us good ROAS, however, we found several websites which are bringing us relevant traffic with Positive ROAS on a constant basis. In one of them gleam we have been using to run competition, other we have been using to communicate with customers directly bringing them directly to a checkout page, so eCommerce conversion rate was more than 80%:

Channels - Analytics - Google Chrome 2016-12-29 11.36.28.png

Bing ads gave us low conversion rates for the same keywords which we have been using in AdWords.

Mobile traffic. All pages were mobile-friendly, however, e-commerce transaction rate is several times lower.

Facebook interests. Most of the interests related to RS gave us low conversion rates.

List of successful experiments: 

SEO. From this screenshot, you can see that SEO efforts have resulted in the biggest amount of transactions.


Paid search. At first glance if you would check screenshot about, it seems that Paid Search has really bad results compared to organic however it provides the big amount of assisted conversions and very good ROAS especially such targeting options:

AdWords Treemaps - Analytics - Google Chrome 2016-12-29 12.26.45.png

Search campaigns for core countries. Counties with highest conversion rates have separate campaigns so we can reallocate budgets to them.

Search retargeting. We have been testing different audiences and keywords coming up with a winning strategy which is constantly giving lots of transactions.

Landing page optimization – local payment methods and trust elements. Working in different markets you must be aware of most popular payment methods in target markets. We have experienced a shift in conversion rates after adding iDeal in Netherlads, Alipay in China and Privat24 in Ukraine. Here are the most popular payment methods for our top countries

  1. USA, UK, Germany, France  (PayPal and Credit Card)
  2. Netherlands (iDeal and Credit Card)
  3. Norway (just Credit card)
  4. China (Credit card and Alipay)
  5. Ukraine (Privat24 and Credit Card)

At the starting point you may use PayPal and credit card for all countries and then individually change it for most important locations: 

We create a separate segments in Google Analytics for each valuable country to analyze it’s data separately.

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