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When it comes to AdWords, it’s hard to draw the line between myth and good advice.

In UAWC every day we deal with repeatable AdWords questions, that’s why we have created an Adwords Help page, where you can get any help related to AdWords. Let’s start with:

Most Frequently Asked AdWords Questions

What type of AdWords campaigns should I start with? 

When you are starting AdWords campaign you need to understand its goal. Depending on the nature of your business – Google AdWords offers a wide variety of targeting methods, here are some examples from our experience:

If you have an eCommerce project, start with Google Shopping campaigns and utilize 3 types of retargeting: Search, Display and Dynamic. Once you get some good results, you may export a list of your top products, for example, best sellers and you can then set up a separate Dynamic search ads campaign for them. Then you can experiment with Search Campaigns.

If you need to generate leads, I would recommend starting with search and display remarketing. However, if your audience is very broad, for example, if you are offering free yoga lessons in exchange for a client’s email address, then you can start with Google Display Network campaigns; the cost per click in Google Display Network is much lower compared to search.

If you need to promote your brand use YouTube In-stream and Discovery Ads and Google Display Network campaigns. You may request Brand Lift campaigns from your Google representative or contact Premier Google Partner.

Never use AdWords Express – it proved to be waste of a budget because you would be targeting lot’s of irrelevant keywords.

What are the key success factors on Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is a set of placements such as YouTube, different websites and apps where you can display your ads based on targeting criteria, which you will define. To get the most out of it I would recommend checking out this article, which we have written for the Official AdWords Community.

What are the best remarketing strategies?

There are different types of remarketing: search, display, dynamic and video. To get the most from them check out our  Guide to Google Remarketing

How do I work with budgets?

  • When you are setting up a new account, first you can start with a shared budget because you don’t know which results you will get.
  • Different match types usually have different conversion rates, so I create separate campaigns in different match types. Such as Broad, Exact and BMM (broad match modifier). Sometimes I create 3 initial budgets on a shared library level, based on the match type that I use.
  • Once you see conversion rates you can set separate budgets on a campaign level for high and low performing campaigns. There is no sense in limiting profitable campaigns by budget.

What are the best practices to create expanded ads?

Expanded ads were created to look good on all devices. Compared to previous text ads, expanded ads have two headlines (30 characters each) and a long description line (80 characters). Sometimes there can be headline truncation, however, based on Google info, this doesn’t happen very often.

If your ads are under review for more than one business day, you can fill in this form, so the Google team will review them.

The key success factor is to create ads that are relevant to your target keywords. Here are some ideas which can help you:

  • Use keyword insertion, which will update your ads to include your target keyword in it. To use it you need to use a small code {KeyWord:} in your ad. For example if you use {KeyWord:Shop Timberland at FARFETCH} in headline 1 it will show:

  • Include the target keyword in a description; we have created our script, which can create relevant ads to a hundred ad groups at once.
  • Use special characters and numbers which will provide some useful information to customers and differentiate your ad from your competitors’.

Why do I need to add extensions? 

Extensions help to get a higher CTR and quality score; Google is constantly adding new extensions so you can provide relevant information to your potential customers. Compare these two ads below: The first, with extensions vs the second, without:

How to get help with account optimization?

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