Save Your Money in AdWords with Universal Negative Keyword Lists

One of the most important things for Pay Per Click (PPC) optimization is the use of negative keywords.

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Negative keywords are words and phrases that are irrelevant for your business and ones that you do not want searchers to associate with your products and services.

When you add negative keywords to your PPC campaigns your ads will not be served if those words are part of the user’s search query. It’s important when adding them to make sure that your Ads are shown only for potentially interested customers who are looking to buy your product or services and not to someone who is looking for a job, or guideline, DIY, etc.

I would like to share with you some lists of negatives that could help you to increase your traffic quality once you start using them.

For your convenience, the lists are separated by the area of business in which they should be used. These lists are good to start with and you can then develop them for your campaign by checking the search query report.

As these are general lists, they would be suited to almost every business. I suggest that you review them and make sure that the ones you add do not contain the specific words that would be relevant for attracting customers in your specific area of business.

Once you review the list you can add it on the Shared library level and apply to All of your campaigns.

General Negatives. These are suited to almost any Campaign:

Job seekers. If you need to prevent your ads from being shown to people looking for information related to jobs, resumes, etc.:

Unless you’re a school or training company, you can add these words as negatives:

Unless you are connected with the travelling industry, you can add these words as negatives:

To avoid being shown for mix researchers, reference searches & statisticians:

Manufacturers & industrial:

No bargains here! These are good if you’re a premium provider:

To avoid clicks from developers who are looking for free resources, and consumers looking for tools, guidelines and home-use products:

Countries. If you need to target only one country (don’t forget to exclude your target country):

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