Upload AdWords Campaigns Directly from Google Doc

Have you ever wanted an easy, automatic solution that would organize and upload hundreds, or even thousands of your keywords in your AdWords account without Editor and Excel? A solution that would even set all needed campaign settings going through your entire check list?

Sounds like a miracle, yes?

Recently, this solution came into reality. For the last 5 years we were struggling. We were spending 10,000 hours uploading campaigns using Excel, working on different macros, Editor etc. So, one day we decided to learn Java Script and come up with our own solutions, which would simplify PPC set up. In this article, I will share our effective approach to setting up AdWords campaigns.

   Account Structure 

Relevance is a key success factor in PPC. Being relevant has been rewarded with higher quality scores and as a result, a lower cost per click.

In order to build relevant PPC campaigns you should be able to add separate ad copies for each of your target keywords. This can be achieved by only using the SKAG structure. SKAG means “single keyword per ad group,” meaning in each of your ad groups you are using only one keyword. With SKAG you can:

  1. Create separate, relevant ads for each of your target keywords
  2. Create additional extensions for each of your keywords
  3. Set target CPA bids individually for each keyword on an ad group level

We have been using this structure in all of our accounts for years and it has turned out to be very easy to manage. However, if you haven’t used it before, at first you may be surprised to see something like “Product Broad Match” campaigns in a screenshot. But you will love SKAG and immediately see how sexy is it!

Also, we are always creating campaigns in exact and BMM match types to reallocate budgets to more profitable campaigns; usually exact match keywords have higher conversion rates.

Now, let’s go through the steps to set up your AdWords campaign.

Step 1. Prepare Google doc with target keywords

  1. Make a copy of this template 
  2. Paste the list of your target keywords and ads
  3. If you need to create more than 2 campaigns add additional tabs.

Step 2. Upload campaigns

Navigate to Bulk Operations > Scripts

To add a script from MMC level copy and paste the following code:

To add code directly from your AdWords account use this code:

Step 3. Preview and run the script

 Step 4. Wait for 5 mins and enjoy! 

There is also a premium version of this script available, if you want to create a separate ad for each of your ad groups using Ad generator. To get this demo feel free to contact us.