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How we increased sales from advertising channels by 705% in 3 months.

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E-commerce conversion rate


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Sacha Cahill and Dan Nugent did not want to look like cyborgs. But neither did they want to put up with the headaches and insomnia caused by long hours at work spent staring at computer screens. Problem was, the only computer glasses available at the time were those weird post-apocalyptic orange-tinted monstrosities. So they decided to make their own. And Ambr Eyewear was founded there and then, in the kitchen of their house in Dublin, Ireland.

In 3 months of our work with them, Ambr Eyewear multiplied the sales from their advertising channels by more than 7 times.



Set up analytics

Set up Ecommerce tracking Google Analytics and import site metrics to Google Ads;


Identify relevant and performing keywords

Keywords and SEO research;


Find new audiences

Add more Audiences, implement remarketing, segment existing customers;

Advertising channels


The Story

Ambr eyewear website

The Challenge

At the start of our cooperation, Ambr Eyewear was still a rather obscure brand. Focusing on their product's quality and design left them with little time for marketing.

Most of their efforts were not well-optimized. They did not have a solid keyword base for their PPC campaigns, and the audience segmenting was lacking as well.

More than that, they did not have proper conversion tracking in place, making further ad optimization impossible.

It was a perfect case for our SOP-based approach to shine.

The Strategy

To help Ambr Eyewear achieve better marketing results, we worked closely with the company to optimize their PPC campaigns. The primary goal was to identify the right audience and keywords to target for their products.

First, we analyzed their existing PPC campaigns to identify improvement areas. We identified the best-performing keywords and audience segments and focused on optimizing that.

We also worked on their product feed to improve the effectiveness of their ads, leading to more targeted and relevant campaigns. Our team helped them set up proper conversion tracking, enabling us to track the impact of our optimization efforts.

The Results

Amb eyewear

Our PPC optimization efforts produced impressive results for Ambr Eyewear. Before our collaboration, the company had spent €43,353.12 on PPC advertising, generating only 1358 conversions resulting in €32,732.79 in revenue, which amounted to a ROAS of 0.75.

After our collaboration, Ambr Eyewear saw a dramatic increase in their PPC campaign's performance. They spent €101,389.36 on PPC advertising, generating 9688.89 conversions, a ROAS of 6.17, and €626,032.96 in revenue.

How did we achieve that?

By using the right keywords and audience segmentation with the right campaign types and creatives. The conversion tracking we implemented on the client's website further helped us analyze the performance of our ads and optimize them based on this data.

Results by Platform

Google Ads:

  • Conv. Rate – 4.39% (235.69% increase);
  • Revenue – €27,444.27 (479.07% increase);
  • ROAS – 961.80% (611.03% increase);
  • Purchases – 439 (527.14% increase).

Bing Ads:

  • Conv. Rate – 1.88%;
  • Revenue – €734.44;
  • ROAS – 252.78%;
  • Purchases – 13.

Facebook Ads:

  • Conv. Rate – 1.26% (280% increase);
  • Revenue – €19,832.46 (1840.44% increase);
  • ROAS – 2795.43% (1058.87% increase);
  • Purchases – 318 (1673.68% increase).

It is not magic or a stroke of luck - just UAWC's SOP-based approach. And it can help your business as well.

Let's create a new success story together