Canadian Job Search Website - Case Study

How we increased organic clicks by 1100% in 2 months.

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Search engine optimization still remains the most powerful tool to bring traffic to a website.

This case is yet another proof of that.

Keep reading to find out how we reached our results.



Fix indexing problems

For the website to rank, we needed to make sure all of its pages were indexable and crawlable.


Bring traffic

We needed to get more traffic through organic means.


Optimize existing content

We needed to make sure that the content of the client's website ranked.

The Road to Success

The Challenge

For a job search website, it is extremely important to be easy to find, as it relies on two different audiences to function properly. With no applicants, the employers will, eventually, leave. With no vacant jobs posted by the recruiters, the potential employees will pass.

Therefore, search engine optimization was the highest priority for our client.

However, their website had a lot of issues, including problems with page indexing and crawling, a missing Schema markup, and incorrectly created applicant pages.

The Strategy

The first thing we needed to do was make sure Google could index and crawl all of the client's pages.

Fixing that allowed it to scan only high-quality pages and get information from just created and uploaded JobPosting Schema markup.

Thanks to new detailed applicant pages with JobPosting markup, the website appeared in a special user experience Job Search results.

The Results

Canadian job search website SEO results

Red lines mark the beginning and end of our cooperation with the client.

As you can see, when the website appeared in Job Search results, clicks skyrocketed from ~180 at the beginning of SEO works to 2000> in less than 2 months.

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