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How we increased revenue by 500% in 6 months with ROAS 4+

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"We wanted our eCommerce business to become a leader in the Norwegian eCommerce niche of natural skin and hair care products. Thanks to UAWC's help, we achieved that."

At UAWC, we love new challenges and testing our expertise against them. With this client, we were lucky to be working with a great business that we could make even better.



Website sales

We needed to increase sales from the client's website. This meant we needed to bring more relevant traffic to them.



For the client to grow at the pace they wanted to, we needed to achieve a ROAS of at least 4


Expand audiences

To achieve our other goals, we needed to deliver the client's products to new clients.

Advertising channels


Please note

The nature of the works below is confidential. Therefore, sections that contain sensitive information have been blurred or replaced. In case you need any additional details about the actions we took while working with the client, please message us to discuss.

The Road to Success

The Challenge

This time, there were few apparent obstacles in our way. The client's website is beautifully designed and well-optimized for conversions. Their products are of high quality and have unique traits that can appeal to many different kinds of people.

The only thing the client was lacking was PPC optimization.

We were happy to provide it to them.

The Strategy

To achieve our goals, we needed to find new audiences. Naturally, the best platform for that was Facebook.

After analyzing the existing campaigns, we launched several experiments there, including:

  • Lookalike audiences;
  • Remarketing audiences;
  • Broad ad set;
  • Catalog campaign;
  • Ad sets based on interest.

What were the results? Let's find out.

The Results

Lookalike audiences

We based them on the client's email list, purchase and add-to-cart events, and website visitors.

With this ad set, we achieved 178 transactions with a ROAS of 5.53.

Remarketing audiences

With this experiment, we targeted people that:

  • Abandoned their cart in the last 14, 30, and 180 days;
  • Viewed our video ads for 10 seconds in the last 30 days;
  • Engaged with VassaBia's Facebook and Instagram page in the last 30/180 days.

As a result, we got 2522 transactions with a ROAS of 9.52!

Broad ad sets

We launched two - one for women, one for men.

This yielded us 1722 transactions with a ROAS of 8.40.

Catalog campaign

We tested two ad sets:

  • Prospective customers;
  • Those who viewed or added the product to the cart but did not finish their purchase.

With these campaigns, we got 717 transactions with a ROAS of 7.35.

Ad sets based on interests

We tried different relevant interests for men and women.

As a result, we got 311 transactions with a ROAS of 8.34.

Best Performing ads

VossaBia Facebook ad exampleVossaBia Facebook ad exampleVossaBia Facebook ad example

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