Health Ranger Store - Case Study

How we increased sales from Google and Bing Ads by 123.22% and ROAS by 61.64% in 7 months

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At UAWC, we love tackling new challenges and working with new industries.

With Health Ranger Store, we were lucky to have an opportunity to test our approach on a business dealing in healthy food and supplements.

Read this case study to find out how we fared.



Maintain a ROAS of 5+

For the business to grow at the pace the client wanted, we needed to maintain a high ROAS.


Set up eCommerce tracking

To accurately measure our results, we needed to properly set up Google Analytics.


Bring more sales

Health Ranger Store wanted more money, which meant they needed more sales.

Advertising channels


The Road to Profits

Health Ranger Store

The Challenge

One of the main issues Health Ranger Store had was that their eCommerce tracking wasn't set up correctly.

Their PPC campaigns were not well-optimized and because of their business's specifics, some ads had to go through lengthy reviews.

The Strategy

To give the client's business a boost, we took the following optimization steps:

  1. Added a remarketing segment.
  2. Created Shopping campaigns and worked with product feeds to get better coverage on top products.
  3. Switched to automatic bidding strategies.
  4. Improved content strategy.
  5. Started using Bing Ads as an additional marketing channel.

The Results

Health Ranger Store

On Google Ads, we saw the following results:

  • Conversions: 1,416.00;
  • Conversion value.: 114,909.35$;
  • Conv.value / cost: 4.54.

Here's what we got on Bing Ads:

  • Conversions: 353;
  • Conversion value.: USD35,337.08;
  • Conv.value / cost: 7.43.

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