Mountain Gear e-Commerce store or Moonlight - Case Study

300% more revenue from Facebook ads within 3 month while keeping ROAS (5+)
About Moonlight
Moonlight Mountain Gear. This is a Norwegian producer of skis, headlights, other equipment, and clothes for climbers and tourists. They have an e-commerce store ( to sell their products. Their feature: products are adapted to the harsh Norwegian nature
Maximizing revenue by keeping the ROAS (5+)



Cross Interests

We studied the full list of products on the website and selected product categories that are close to the interests of potential customers. Such as: alpine skiing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and ski touring. This helped get closer to potential customers and achieved good results.

Result: 4 ROAS


Special Ads for Instagram

We launched 2 ad sets for Instagram placement with ads of special format: for a remarketing audience, using interests. 

The ad set with the remarketing audience achieved better results (by ROAS) than the other ad set.

Result: 6 ROAS


Catalog Sales

We created a catalog for all products and launched a campaign with 2 ad sets: for all products to potential customers who viewed or added those products to their cart in the last 14 days.

Once again, we ensured that the right audience provides good results

Result: 5 ROAS


Collection Ads

Also, we tested ads of collection type that are not available for all placements. However, their results were amazing. Therefore, we recommend testing such ads for all e-commerce projects. 

Result: 7 ROAS


Lookalike Ad Set

We used 2 lookalike audiences: those who engaged with the website and the Facebook Page and who made purchases during the last 30 days. Now, the conclusion can be made that the last audience works better for the client’s product. 

Result: 5 ROAS


Charity Post

For the Black Friday activity, the client was original and published a post about charity. Thanks to their kindness and generosity, they not only received respect from potential customers but also purchases with good ROAS from this post in their Website conversion campaign. 

Result: 6 ROAS


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