About us

We are the team of Certified Pay Per click and Analytics experts with a deep level of expertise in Ecommerce. 

Anna Grigorieva
Ivan Gurin
Alexey Chichirko
Ivan Usenko
Tania Molenko
Anastasia Basan
Alex Podmore
Nadejda Streltsova

In past 5 years, we have received more than 50 positive reviews on Freelancer.com and Upwork. 


Also, we are participating in the AIESEC internship program, providing people from different countries with great working experience. 

Learn more about our education plan during an internship.

Current openings:
Junior PPC managers


If you recently received a grant from Google, we can support your project for free participating in the "UAWC grant program". To learn more contact us


UAWC stands for United Army of Wonderful Creatures. This name reveals a lot about our principles. We aim to help projects to return value. That's why we don't work with a range of companies, for example, with those who are selling tobacco are not using. We may lose some money short term, but we all win long term.