Unlike any other area of marketing, Ecommerce PPC management is unique in that all of your decisions can be driven by math and statistics, not by intuition. In saying that, if you were not too strong in statistics at school there´s no need to worry; this guide will give you enough info for a quick decision-making process.If you would like to improve in the art of statistics itself, there are tons of excellent books available for
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Today I was excited to share 2 AdWords updates. AdWords improves RLSA RLSA (search remarketing) has proven to be one of the most useful types of targeting in AdWods. Usually, I use it in 2 cases: To target my past visitors bidding on more general keywords which usually have a lower conversion rate. For example, I create a remarketing list of people who have visited parts of my website which are related to shoes.  Then I create
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The challenge: Join Today is the Institution which is offering relevant content for people who are looking for financial news. The company has created a great piece of content and was interested in getting more relevant visitors, who interested in financial news to grow their brand awareness. At that moment they were getting traffic from  http://www.outbrain.com/ and http://go.taboola.com/ with very attractive CPA.  Previously they have been testing GDN by themselves but faced such problems: It
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