Bing Ads management

Bing Ads management services for your e-commerce business

Partner with the best Bing advertising service providers out there and grow your sales.

Get positive ROAS no matter what

No matter the season, our strategies make sure your ROAS stays stable.

  • Your account will be managed by a team of 5 experts with 3+ years of experience.
  • Live dashboard to check our progress.
  • Performance-based fees - you only pay for results.
  • A 5-month action plan to beat your competitors.
Get positive ROAS no matter what

Take your time back

All our processes are optimized to take as little of your time as possible so you can spend it on what is important.

  • Everything we discuss on a call gets implemented.
  • We are proactive in our strategy - you won't have to micromanage us.
  • Exceptional communication - regular meetings and fast responses.
Take your time back

Problems which we solve

1. Expand Reach with the Bing Network

As a full-service Bing Ads agency, we tap into the extensive Bing Network including Yahoo and Microsoft services to connect you with incremental audiences not reached by other channels. This expands your customer reach and shopper base.

2. Optimize for Conversions

Bing Ads provides unique optimization capabilities for driving conversions over impressions. Our agency configures all campaigns to optimize directly for your most valuable on-site actions like registrations, downloads and purchases.

3. Enhanced Audience Targeting

We build custom in-market and remarketing audience lists leveraging Bing's data to serve your ads to the shoppers demonstrating the strongest purchase intent for your products.

4. Cross-Channel Attribution

Our reporting dashboard provides a complete view of Bing Ads performance including cross-channel attribution. We show you exactly how Bing Ads assists conversions across search, social, and other channels.

Who is This For?

  1. Small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses: Growing your online store is tough. You need a partner who can build the whole marketing process and make sure it works without your micromanagement.
  2. Growth-oriented and ambitious entrepreneurs: You're hungry for more sales and customers. You need a partner with the strategies to make it happen.
  3. Brands committed to ethical and sustainable practices: You want to make a difference. You need a partner who shares your values and can help you grow responsibly.
CEO, SH Jewellery

The campaign led to a positive ROI on all three platforms. UAWC Agency is effective and accountable, responding quickly to feedback. Their expert team possesses the technical skills necessary for a successful collaboration.

Edric Taing
Edric Taing



Increased revenue by 30% in 3 months.

Quality over Quantinty

UAWC is a small team of hand-picked talented experts.To ensure consistent quality of our services and healthy work culture,we make a conscious choice to limit the number of projects they simultaneously work on.

Our mission is to promote ethical commerce. We do not work with black-hat businesses and do not use black-hat practices.

Because of that, we pick our clients carefully. We will only work with you if we can absolutely guarantee that our experts can manage that.

So don`t take too long and book a call now, when we are still available!

It’s the results that count

Check our case studies.

It's The Result Sthat Count

Recovered 4.3% of abandoned carts and checkouts, with an average revenue per recepient of $3.34.


Increased revenue by 30% in 3 months.

About Us
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Team lead - PX.
  • More than 15 years in digital marketing in e-commerce sphere
  • Generated more than $500m revenue for our clients
  • Premier Google Partner, Facebook Partner, Shopify Partner
  • Best Digital Agency - Clutch 2021

Google Ads Evangelist.

In UAWC, we boost only ethical and fair businesses.

Want to do good and be great? Join us.


Our Bing Ads
Management action plan


Conversion Tracking Setup

We begin by installing conversion tracking tags on your website to enable tracking of important on-site actions. This allows campaign optimization directly towards your KPIs.


Audience Targeting Configuration

We leverage Bing's extensive data and targeting capabilities to build customized remarketing lists and define your ideal in-market audience segments for ads.


Geo-Location Targeting

We use geo-targeted campaigns to serve ads to customers searching in the regions where you offer shipping and services. This improves relevance for location-based searches.


Microsoft Audience Network Expansion

We set up Microsoft Audience Network campaigns to put your ads in front of high-value Microsoft first-party environments like Outlook, Skype, and MSN.


Syndicated Search Partners

In addition to Bing, we manage syndicated search campaigns across Yahoo Gemini, Amazon Advertising and more to reach incremental search audiences.


Automated Bidding Configured

We implement the latest automated bid strategies available in Bing Ads to optimize for conversions/return on ad spend rather than impressions with minimal overhead.


What level of expertise do I need with Bing Ads?


How can Bing Ads help my ecommerce store?


How much budget should I allocate to Bing Ads?


What reporting do you provide?


How much time will managing Bing Ads take?

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