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Running an online business? It is essential to track results in correct way, otherwise all your marketing decisions will be incorrect. 

We set up Google Analytics for online stores, medium, and enterprise businesses that help to analyze and optimize sales channels. Let’s talk >>>

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Having a clear understanding of the performance of sales channels is essential nowadays. Without proper tracking, you won’t be able to identify a weak chain in the marketing cycle.


Identify the best-performing sales channels using the “Channels” report. What to see the 6-Figure revenue in your account? 🙂


Analyze the demographics report and apply data on your marketing strategy!

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Power of analytics
Why your business needs google analytics reporting
Source/Medium report allows identifying the weak traffic sources and to optimize them further.
Using a Demographic report, you can find your best-performing audience and use this information across your advertising channels such as Facebook or Google.
Optimize your checkout process to increase the conversion rate using E-commerce reporting tools.
As a result, you will start getting extra sales with 0 additional ad spend and increase your overall profit margins!
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Andrew Shock
London (United Kingdom)
More than 5 years in digital marketing in e-commerce sphere
One thing at a time - we only offer email marketing for Shopify stores
Generated more than $1.000.000 extra revenue with emails for our clients for the last 6 months
We work with both dropshipping stores and e-commerce brands
Alexey Chee
Kyiv (Ukraine)
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