About us

Team of certified Google And Facebook ads experts
Thomas Moen

Oslo (Norway)

Alexey Chee

Kyiv (Ukraine)

Ivan Gurin

Kyiv (Ukraine)

Andrew Yermilov

Monaco (FR)


Premier Pay Per Сlick marketing agency
  • Focus on Pay Per Click marketing (Google and Facebook ads);
  • Projects from 20+ countries – we are experts at scaling businesses internationally;
  • 3 small teams (5 members in each);
  • We have a maximum workload of 20 PPC channels per team (typically 10 clients) to guarantee quality;
  • Average clients LTV is 3 years and 2 month;
  • Own development team. Custom made PPC automation tools.

Preferring to stay small we limit ourselves to taking on only 1 new client each month, allowing us to guarantee quality and deliver results. We have built up a solid reputation over the years allowing us to stop doing direct sales and focus on what we do best which is ad optimization (word-of-mouth and reputation of quality is what brings clients to UAWC)

Interns from 25 countries

We are participating in AIESEC’s internship program, taking on and educating 5 interns each year, giving UAWC a great international environment. Visit us for a coffee.