Mobile Banking GlobusPlus - Case Study

Implemented in-app analytics from scratch.

About Mobile Banking GlobusPlus

This financial services company offers a convenient and secure mobile application which makes controlling personal finances simple. It came to us seeking help with adding new technical elements to its app to help it measure commercially important events.

Globus Bank



Set up Firebase SDK


Set up Facebook SDK


Set up AppsFlyer SDK

"I was sad when the day finally came when all the necessary tools had been integrated into our mobile apps and the project had been completed. It was only a pleasure to work with UAWC specialists!"

Ihor Rizak,

Head of Digital Marketing, GlobusPlus

More about our cooperation

Firebase SDK

Firebase SDK logo

UAWC successfully integrated Firebase SDK into the GlobusPlus Android and iOS apps.

This was achieved by conducting a deep investigation of the Apps' functionality and providing the GlobusPlus app developers with comprehensive and clear technical specifications for implementing all necessary in-app events, parameters and identifiers.

This integration enabled the GlobusPlus analytics team to reveal key insights into users' paths and behaviors after installing the apps, and conduct analysis of their products, by using data collected with the Firebase SDK.

Facebook SDK

Facebook SDK logo

UAWC Integrated Facebook SDK events into the GlobusPlus apps. This enabled Facebook SDK events to be logged autonomously, without the need for third-party tools integrations or Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP).

This integration gave the GlobusPlus marketing team an additional means of measurement of key events and enabled it to use them as main conversion events when optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns.

AppsFlyer SDK

AppsFlyer SDK logo

It is no secret that when you use multiple media sources for app promotion in marketing campaigns you cannot rely simply on Firebase/GA4 products to record all attributions correctly and accurately.

An MMP such as AppsFlyer is considered the best solution in many cases, and GlobusPlus was one such case.

UAWC worked with the GlobusPlus app developers to successfully integrate AppsFlyer SDK, and thus create all necessary in-app events logging.

This helps the GlobusPlus marketing team determine the correct attribution of app installs and subsequent in-app events across all media sources it uses or plans to use for further promotion.

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