This project helps you transform your relationship with alcohol.

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At UAWC, we always put humans first. There is nothing more important than helping people enjoy their lives to the fullest.

That is why the Inhumans project held a special place for us.

It was also a new challenge. We had to work around the project's specific nature when promoting it. And we love to test our expertise against new challenges.



Brand awareness

We needed people to know about this project. To succeed, it had to become a trend.


Improve sales

We needed more people to subscribe to the sobriety challenges.


Maintain a high ROAS

For the project to become self-sustainable, its ad spend had to be optimized for returns.

Advertising channels


The Story website front page

"Change the whole world by changing your relationship with alcohol."

The Challenge

If you look at the metrics, you will immediately see that the project saw little success at the start. The sales averaged 5 a month, and the ROAS was below 1, meaning Inhumans were spending more on advertising than they were earning from them.

Aside from that, there was an issue with finding the right audience.

The project is intended to help people identify their problems with alcohol consumption and recover from them.

But how do you convince drunk people that being drunk is a problem?

We had to find an answer to this question.

The Strategy

First, we needed to identify our best audiences and discover the right creatives to appeal to them.

After that, we had to optimize our ad campaigns for conversions.

Aside from working with ads, we also had to rework the website to make it better optimized for conversions.

The Results

Most of our marketing for Inhumans took place on Facebook.


One of the first things we tested was different approaches to creatives. We saw the best results from those that focused on showcasing the positive effects of quitting alcohol. You can see some examples of them below. creative example

"Three weeks without alcohol. Return the collagen to your skin." best-performing creative

"Quit drinking. Awaken the handsome within you!"

On the other hand, creatives that put emphasis on the negative aspects of drinking performed worse. creative example

"Suffering from a beer belly?" ad example

"Want to become a good husband? Join our marathon. 21 days without alcohol."

The Audience

In terms of demographics, we experimented with targeting different ages and genders audience demographics targeting

The differences between age groups were negligible, but A/B tests with different genders gave us a lot of useful data. We used it to further tailor our creatives for the target audiences.

In terms of interests, we had the best results with detailed targeting of people interested in both alcohol and healthy lifestyle. interests targeting

Conversion optimization cost-per-purchase report

At first, we did not have enough purchases to optimize the campaign for this event. Instead, we used the Complete Registration event. After getting enough purchases, we switched to optimizing for this event.

This allowed us to decrease the cost of purchase by 18.6%.

Website optimization

One of the experiments we did was A/B testing different variations of the main page above the fold. new old website

As we discovered, design can make a huge difference - the first version brought a 130% boost in conversion rate!

After that, we tested different subheadings:

Inhumans club subheading A/B test

"Marathon "21 days without alcohol"

Start a new year with victories, sobriety, good health, and a clear mind.

Start on January 10" subheading A/B test

"Marathon "21 days without alcohol"

Your liver and weather calling: quit drinking after the New Year!

Start on February 7"

Both of these worked well without much difference between the two.

After that, we tested different pricing structures. old pricing page

At the start of our work with Inhumans, their pricing was voluntary. People were encouraged to pay as much as they believed the challenge was worth to them. There were some numbers included to help them understand how much others were donating, but the clients did not have to follow them.

We decided to test a different approach. new pricing structure

Here, the prices were no longer flexible. The customers had a choice between donating 40$ (20$ with a 50%discount) or 90$. The latter option would also put them on the list of honorable sponsors.

The results were surprising. After we changed the pricing structure, we saw a 718.48% increase in conversions.

The conclusion is this: users are more likely to convert when given fewer pricing options and choices.


We also tested offering users a time-limited discount, notifying them of it with a header on the main page and a special offer on the checkout page. promotion discount

This led to a 141% increase in transactions.

On the technical side of things, we also improved the website's load speed, which led to a significant increase in domain ranking and an improvement in user experience.

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