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How we increased total revenue by over €1.9m with ROAS 6.5+.

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With a vast assortment of products and a specific market to satisfy, InTheMarket was an interesting puzzle for us.

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Website sales

We needed to increase sales from the client's website. This meant we needed to bring more relevant traffic to it.



For the client to grow at the pace they wanted to, we needed to achieve a ROAS of at least 4.


Expand audiences

To achieve our other goals, we needed to deliver the client's products to new clients.

Advertising channels


How we achieved growth?

The Challenge

During this project, we faced few problems. The client's website was attractive and designed to boost sales. Their products were high-quality and appealed to many people.

Still, the client needed help with PPC optimization. We were happy to step in with our expertise. Our work on their PPC optimization played a key part in their success.

The Strategy

We decided to build a multichannel structure to achieve our goals to boost the total results.

Naturally, the best platforms for growing e-com businesses were Google and Facebook Ads.

As our client already had Google Ads, we optimized it and created a new strategy on Facebook Ads, which our client hadn't used for advertising before.

The Results

After reviewing the Google Ads campaigns, we started some tests, including Smart Shopping campaigns and Dynamic Search ads. The results were okay, but we wanted something broader that covered more than just Search and Shopping.

We chose Performance Max campaigns.

Performance Max helps achieve your conversion goals by improving performance across all channels in real-time using Smart Bidding. It can find more customers across all Google's channels such as YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.

This was exactly what we needed.

We set up Performance Max campaigns for different product categories - Gym, Pet, and Garden.

We filtered items for advertising and turned on only the best-selling ones. After the campaign got enough customer data, we turned on the other products, which didn't sell so well before. And it worked great!

The overall results of Performance Max campaigns for the last year were:

ROAS - 5.5+

The number of purchases - 2224

Our task on Facebook Ads was to build it from the ground because the client had never used it as an advertising platform before. Based on that, we started our tests, which included the following:

  • Ad sets based on interest.
  • Remarketing audiences;
  • Broad ad set;
  • Catalog campaign;
  • Advantage + Shopping Campaign.

Are you interested what were the results? (Spoiler: they were great :)) But first, let us give you a precise description of the setup.

Ad sets based on interests

We tried different relevant interests, and the results we got were great -

673 transactions with a ROAS of 5+ for the last 12 months.

Remarketing audiences

With this experiment, we targeted a lot of different audiences but the best ones were:

  • Website visitors for the last 30 days;
  • Those who engaged with InTheMarket's Facebook and Instagram page in the last 30 days.

As a result, we got 547 transactions with a ROAS of 14.82 for the last 12 months!

Broad ad sets

We launched two of them, but they didn`t yield significant results.

Catalog campaign

We tested different ad sets, but the best ones were these two:

  • Prospective customers;
  • Those who viewed or added the product to the cart but did not finish their purchase in the last 30 days.

With these ad sets, we got 797 transactions with a ROAS of 7.02 for the last 12 months.

Advantage + Shopping Campaign

It was a game-changer for Facebook Ads. Long story short, we got 390 transactions with a ROAS of 9.62 for the last 4 months(!).

Best Performing ads

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