Knitted Clothing Store - Case Study

One year to increase the revenue to 380% keeping ROAS (11+)

Before UAWC
Amount Spent:
kr 179,688
kr 758,649
Amount Spent:
kr 282,658
kr 1,728,119

About the Client

The client is a Norwegian eCommerce store selling yarn, knitting accessories, books and patterns, and ready-made knitted clothing. It started as a small-scale family business/passion project, but quickly grew beyond the founder's expectations.

Knitted Clothing Store



Maximize revenue from PPC channels

We needed to squeeze the most out of Google, Facebook and Snapchat.


Improve brand awareness

We needed to make sure that the new name of the client's website was recognizable.


Keep ROAS above 4

For the client to prosper, it was extremely important to maintain a high ROAS.

Please note

The nature of the works below is confidential. Therefore, sections that contain sensitive information have been blurred or replaced. In case you need any additional details about the actions we took while working with the client, please message us to discuss.

The Challenge

The client started as a small-scale passion project. As such, it inherited certain features that caused complications when the business started growing.

First, their CMS platform of choice did not suit their needs well.

Second, the name of their website was too generic and not very memorable.

Third, they ran ads by themselves and, having little experience in online marketing, achieved little results.

Fortunately, the client made the right call and contacted us.

The Plan

The first thing we needed to do was overhaul the client's website and brand.

After that, we had to launch brand awareness campaigns to ring traffic to the new website and make its new name known.

Lastly, we had to set up PPC campaigns and optimize them for maximum profits.

How did we handle all that? Let's find out.

The Results

CMS change and rebranding
With our help, the client changed their websit's name and switched their CMS to Magento from WordPress.

At that point, we started our Brand Awareness campaigns. During the first month of operating a new website, the client's revenue doubled.

Facebook Ads

On Facebook, we tried several approaches.

Broad Audiences

Transactions: 338


We targeted a broad audience over 45 years old based on the eCommerce conversion rate from Google Analytics.

Remarketing Audiences

Transactions: 2314


For this, we targeted two audiences:

  • Those who have engaged with the client's Facebook or Instagram pages, website visitors, or those who have watched at least 25% of a client's video.
  • Those who have visited the client's website in the last 11/30 days.

We also enabled cross-exclusions to avoid audience overlap.

Interests Ad set

Transactions: 173


With this ad set, we targeted people with an interest in knitting.

Catalog campaign

Transactions: 4206


In this campaign, the best results were achieved by ad sets targeting cart abandoners and Facebook's "prospective customers".

Knitting calendar campaign

Transactions: 1228


With this campaign, we promoted the client's knitting calendar - a digital subscription service that sends customers knitting patterns every month. This campaign's objective was set to Website conversions.

Best-performing Facebook Ads


Snapchat Ads

Among the different approaches we tried on Snapchat, three stand out among the rest:

  • Collection ads. We targeted them at our remarketing audience, yielding us a ROAS of 8+.
  • Lookalike Audience. We based it on people who have already made a purchase and tested creatives with discounts on them.
  • Remarketing Audience. We targeted the audience of website visitors and optimized the campaign for swipe-up events. This resulted in over 4000 transactions.

Google Ads

On this ad platform, we ran three different campaigns:

Brand campaign. We targeted the client's brand-related keywords, as well as the name of the old website. This resulted in a ROAS of 53!

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign. With this, we let Google choose keywords automatically based on the website's content. The lifetime ROAS here was 6.34.

Exact search campaign. We used the SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) method for this one and included ad extensions (assets). This campaign ultimately resulted in over 2000 purchases.

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