Mindvalley - Case Study

How we helped the most effective life transformation platform in the world become even better.

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At UAWC, we believe in constant self-improvement and growth.

And so, we were extremely excited to work with Mindvalley, a business dedicated to helping people become the best possible versions of themselves.

We've been working with them since 2017, taking part in their workshops and programs. For us, this has become more than just a business partnership.

Read this case study to learn just how much UAWC's magic touch helped them grow.



Improve sales

Mindvalley wanted their programs to reach more people. We helped them make it true.


Create synergy between different channels

We used Facebook, Youtube, Email marketing, and search ads in our work with Mindvalley. We needed to make sure that all those channels complemented each other and worked towards our goals.


Find new Channels

We needed to discover new audiences that would be interested in what Mindvalley offers.

Advertising channels


The Road to Success

The Challenge

Being a personal improvement platform, one of Mindvalley's greatest challenges was that their services were rarely bought outright.

In other words, the customer journey from awareness of the brand to purchase involved a lot of research.

We needed to make this research easy for the customers and gently push them in the right direction. We needed a marketing funnel.

The Strategy

We split our marketing into 2 phases:

  • Lead generation;
  • Remarketing.

The plan was to provoke the customers to engage with our ads in Phase 1, then draw those leads further down the rabbit hole with Phase 2.

The Results

Stage 1: Lead Generation

Here, we were looking to reach three kinds of people:

Mindvalley asset examples

We used creatives focusing on self-improvement, self-growth, an discovering one's hidden potential:

Mindvalley creatives examples

Here is what our results looked like:

Mindvalley Facebook Ads lead generationMindvalley Youtube Leads generation

Stage 2: Retargeting

During this step, we retargeted our leads in every possible way. We focused on people who have completed one of Mindvalley's master classes, dividing this audience into two parts:

  • Those who have interacted with the brand in the last 7 days.
  • Those who have interacted with the brand more than 7 days ago.

For the first category, we offered a 20% discount.

For the second, we directed them to a page where they could buy the membership at full price. If they didn't, we led them to other funnels.

Mindvalley retargeting creatives

In terms of channels, we used Facebook and Google Ads.

Most of our efforts, however, were directed at Facebook. We couldn't ignore the retargeting potential Custom Audiences provided us with. We also used Messenger and WhatsApp to make more personalized ads.

In Google Ads, we used Youtube and Display networks. For the most part, this platform was only used in Stage 1. For retargeting, the results were quite poor.

Our key takeaways

  • It is worth turning on optimization for purchase events even if it is a lead generation campaign. Cost per lead will double or triple, but Facebook will deliver your ads to users that deliver some purchase value.
  • Dynamic creatives are amazing and show great results.
  • Lookalikes based on customer lists are a great asset. In smaller countries, it is best to use 3-5% lookalikes, but in bigger ones, like the US, 1% is better.
  • There's a great synergy between Facebook and Google platforms.
  • Custom audiences based on the main competitors work great.
  • Conversion tracking is extremely important. It is also worth using micro conversions. For example, you can put a milestone on your masterclass to track people who have watched 30 seconds of it. retargeting them later is bound to bring better results than if you targeted everyone who opened your masterclass.

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