Mountain Gear Retailer - Case Study

300% more revenue from Facebook ads within 3 month while keeping ROAS (5+)

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Selling mountain gear and skiing equipment is no easy task, especially when COVID's around. However, with UAWC's magic touch, everything becomes possible.

The client has recorded a 300% increase in revenue from Facebook Ads in the first three months of working with us.



Audience research and segmenting

We needed to find people with high buying intent and put them in our marketing funnel.


Set up tracking

We needed to implement Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to start getting accurate conversion data.


Increase in sales and expansion

We needed to draw more new customers to the ecommerce store and convince the existing ones to keep coming back.

Advertising channels


Please note

The nature of the works below is confidential. Therefore, sections that contain sensitive information have been blurred or replaced. In case you need any additional details about the actions we took while working with the client, please message us to discuss.

The Road to Greatness

Moonlight mountain gear

The Challenge

At the start of our work with the client, the company was facing several problems.

As COVID struck, the tourism industry crashed all over the world, leading, among other things, to a decrease in demand for mountain gear. This led to fierce competition, and the product's quality alone was not enough to come out on top.

Aside from that, their brand was not well-known. In an industry where customers are quite literally trusting their lives to the products they buy, brand recognition and brand trust are vital.

The performance of the client's PPC campaigns left much to be desired. They had no remarketing efforts going on, no interest targeting, and their audience segmenting was mediocre.

The Strategy

Right from the start, we knew that our first priority had to be interest targeting.

Aside from that, the client's extensive inventory was a perfect foundation for a catalog ad campaign.

In terms of creatives, we focused on tempting customers with high-quality images of beautiful Norwegian nature to showcase the experiences the client's products could help customers enjoy. These creatives were a perfect fit for Instagram.

The Results


Moonlight mountain gear ad example

After extensive studying of the client's product catalog, we identified the main interests we could target for them. By utilizing cross-interest targeting, we made sure our ads reached the relevant audiences.

The average ROAS we achieved for these campaigns was 4.


On Instagram, we ran two ad sets: one for retargeting and one for interests. Out of these two, retargeting proved to be the most effective strategy with a ROAS of 6.

Catalog Sales

Our catalog campaign focused on retargeting and consisted of two ad sets targeting users who viewed or added products to the shopping cart in the last 14 days. As a result of precise audience targeting, we achieved a ROAS of 5.

Collection Ads

Even though the selection of placements for this ad type is limited, the results turned out to be amazing. We recommend trying collection ads for any e-commerce store.

The average ROAS for our Collection Ad campaigns was 7.

Lookalike Ad set

Lookalike Audiences are an amazing way to draw in more clients similar to the existing ones. And there is only one thing better than a lookalike audience - two lookalike audiences!

The first one we created was based on a custom audience that has engaged with the client's website and Facebook Pages.

For creating the second, we used people who have made purchases in the last 30 days.

For us, the latter worked best with an average ROAS of 5.

Charity post

The one creative we would like to highlight is the charity post the client has published on Black Friday in 2019. Their kindness and generosity created an emotional connection with their potential customers and helped them build a reputation as a benevolent business.

The ROAS from this post in a Website conversion campaign averaged at 5.

What this case study shows is that no matter what kind of products a business is dealing in, we can help them grow. Sign up for a free audit in the form below and let us take your marketing from good to amazing!

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