Ozone Generators Retailer - Case Study

How we increased revenue by 300X

Before UAWC
Conversions / month
NOK 672.49
Conversions / month
NOK 15,371.17

About the Client

The client is an e-commerce shop based in Norway that sells ozone generators to provide efficient and safe treatment of odors and microorganisms without the use of chemicals. Their products are affordable, effective, and come with free shipping on the first order.




Create a sales funnel

The kind of product the client sells is rarely bought spontaneously. We needed to first educate the potential customers about its benefits.


Organic traffic

We needed more organic traffic on the client's website and Facebook page to cultivate brand loyalty. Another goal here was getting reviews from real customers.


Remarketing and interest targeting

We needed to identify the interests of our potential customers and bring back cart abandoners and website visitors.

Please note

The nature of the works below is confidential. Therefore, sections that contain sensitive information have been blurred or replaced. In case you need any additional details about the actions we took while working with the client, please message us to discuss.

The Challenge

Before starting our cooperation, the client was pretty much unknown as a brand. Despite the high quality of their products, their monthly conversions averaged at 4, and the revenue was similarly meager.

In other words, we had to build their whole marketing from scratch.

How did we fare with that?

Let's find out.

The Plan

First, as always, we needed to research our client's products. The main goal here is to identify the interests we could target with our ads.

In this client's case, it seemed that the product would be especially appealing to car owners, especially those driving older, used models. Ozone generators are great tools for getting rid of odd odors commonly found in them.

Next, we needed to find ways to educate our potential clients about the product in a way that would present it as a solution to their problems.

For this, we decided to focus on organic Facebook traffic and Video views campaigns.

Finally, we had to bring those educated clients back to the e-commerce website and convert them using remarketing campaigns.

The Results

Video views and Website conversions

Our Video views campaign on Facebook turned out to be a huge success. Not only did we get a large number of quality leads for a low price, but a lot of people converted from the Video views campaign alone!

To follow up on those leads, we launched a Website conversions campaign, which brought even more sales.

For the Video views campaign, we achieved a ROAS of 5 and a CPA of 34.2 NOK.

Website conversions campaign targeted at the video audience - ROAS 6.5.


For this, we ran two campaigns with different custom audiences.

  • Website visitors in the last 5 days
  • Website visitors in the last 30 days (excluding the 5-day visitors to avoid overlap)

The second audience worked best, averaging at a ROAS of 4.

Interest targeting


We used creatives displaying the client's generators in cars and targeted those ad sets at car enthusiasts.

In another ad set, we used similar creatives of ozone generators in boats and targeted it at those interested in fishing, sailing, and yachts.

In the third ad set, we targeted homeowners.

The average ROAS of our interest targeting campaigns was 7.

Organic traffic

Our first priority for this was getting more people to engage with the client's Facebook Page. For this, we made sure to publish posts frequently, always including links to the eCommerce website.

Using this strategy, we have increased traffic by 2000% and, by continuously engaging the audience, built up loyalty to the brand.

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