VOX-Sprachschule - Case Study

How we increased the number of leads from Google Ads by 300%.

Before UAWC
Conversion Rate
Number of Leads
Conversion Rate
Number of Leads

About VOX

The VOX language school was founded in 1994 as VOX-Script language studio in the heart of Winterthur. It has since been offering high-quality services in the areas of language classes in small groups of maximum 5 people, individual language classes, as well as specialized company classes with tailor-made language course solutions. They primarily focus on speaking, using the special VOX method.




Achieving a 4x Growth in Leads

VOX needed more students.
Before, VOX had 500 inquiries per year. We improved this number to 2000.


Optimize CPA

The optimal cost per conversion for a customer is 120. We have been able to maintain our cost per conversion at a lower rate of 100 CHF which represents a successful optimization of our marketing efforts.


Optimize campaigns

To improve results for the client, we've tested various campaign types, optimization strategies, and hypotheses, in order to determine the most effective approach.


The Challenge

VOX's services are unique and extremely effective. Their website is well-built and optimized for conversions.

Their only problem was poor PPC campaign optimization. And we were there to solve it.

The Strategy

The first thing we needed to do was implement a proper campaign structure. It is impossible to optimize and improve a Google Ads account if it is disorganized.

Next, we had to improve the Measurement system. We needed all the metrics and reports working correctly to be able to accurately gauge the results of our efforts.

After that, we could focus on improving the conversion rate and the Quality score of VOX's ads.

Another important thing we needed to do was conduct proper keyword research and get rid of low-performing traffic.

The Results


1. We restructured our campaigns by dividing brand, non-brand, online, and offline keywords into separate campaigns. We also created new campaigns specifically for our top-performing keywords of all time. This new structure allowed us to have better control over our budget and prioritize segments that needed more investment depending on our business needs or season.

2. To automate the process of showing information on extra discounts per certain course and location, we implemented a data feed for dynamic ads. This allowed us to efficiently display relevant information and make our ad campaigns more effective.

3. We analyzed our search term reports for all time and used negative scripts to analyze each individual word in the search term and its influence/performance. Based on this analysis, we added new negatives and keywords while pausing low-performing keywords.

4. We identified the weak areas of our website in terms of conversion rate, particularly our course pages. After analyzing user behavior, we found that users were overwhelmed by having to read through a lot of information on the page. Our hypothesis was that shorter pages could improve our conversion rate, and this was confirmed as our conversion rate from short pages increased by 3-6 times.

5. We updated our ads with the help of {KeyWord:}, {Countdown:}, and {Location:} insertions, and worked closely with the client to improve the quality score of our headlines and descriptions. Additionally, we added more ad extensions and various types of extensions in rotation to enhance the performance of our ads.


6. To simplify and improve conversion tracking and smart bidding for Google Ads, we suggested unifying all actions with the same value as "Lead" and sending the same event to Google Analytics whenever any of those events took place.

7. We tested various campaigns and selected the best-performing ones for VOX, including a search campaign with max conversion strategy, DSA campaigns, and search campaigns with max clicks strategy. This helped us optimize our campaigns and achieve better results.

Google Ads results:

  • Conv. Rate 2.18%
  • Monthly budget and CPA: CHF 20–25 k / CHF 90–95.00 per lead
  • Number of Leads: 200–220

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