Women's Clothing Store - Case Study

How we increased revenue by 230% with ROAS (22+)

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Ever since our agency was created over ten years ago, fashion and clothing have always been among the most common industries we had to work with.

In our humble opinion, this client is one of the best examples to showcase what we can do in this field.



Maximize Revenue

We needed to increase revenue by 20% each month.


Maintain a high ROAS

We needed to keep ROAS above 10.


Expand audience

We needed to find new customers to fuel the revenue growth.

Advertising channels


Please note

The nature of the works below is confidential. Therefore, sections that contain sensitive information have been blurred or replaced. In case you need any additional details about the actions we took while working with the client, please message us to discuss.

The Story

The Challenge

Selling clothes online is always a highly competitive area, no matter where the business operates. Good prices, high quality of products and a well-built online store are not enough to succeed there - an eCommerce clothing store also needs amazing marketing.

This client is a perfect example of this.

Before working with us, their marketing was managed by another agency. This gives us a great opportunity to see just how much difference UAWC's approach can make.

The Strategy

At first, we only had access to the client's Facebook Ads account, so most of our efforts were focused there. Later in our partnership, we also took over their Google Ads.

Our campaigns were focused on finding new customers, remarketing, post engagements, and conversions.

The Results


On Facebook, we ran Catalog Sales, Conversion, and Post engagement campaigns.

With Catalog Sales, we used three ad sets targeted at different audiences:

  • Prospective customers based on interest targeting from Google Analytics;
  • Prospective customers for sale products and new customers only;
  • Remarketing audience, which consisted of people who have added products to their shopping cart during the last 14 days but did not finish the purchase. This ad set was set for dynamic retargeting.

Our Conversions campaign was also split in three ad sets:

  • Broad ad set based on interest targeting for specific categories like shoes, dresses, blouses, etc.
  • Engagement remarketing for new posts, videos, Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Website remarketing for people who have visited the client's website in the last 30 days (with relevant exclusions).

Here are some of the best-performing Facebook Ads.

Nest shop Facebook ads Nest Shop Facebook ad example

We spent 200,000 kr on Facebook Ads, which brought the client a revenue of 4,400,000 kr, making the ROAS 22.

Google Ads

After getting our hands on the client's Google Ads account, we spent some time auditing the campaigns and ad sets they already had running, then started making improvements.

Here are some of the experiments we did on Google Ads:

  • DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaign. Seeing how well the client's website was structured gave us an idea to try DSAs. The results were even better than we expected.
  • Shopping campaign. The client's extensive product inventory made for a great foundation for a Shopping campaign - an opportunity we could not pass. We used the High/Low priority structure to make sure the products with the highest margins were getting the most exposure.
  • Search campaign. Our search campaign focused on brand-related keywords in a SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) structure.

As a result, we increased the revenue from Google Ads by 110%, while raising the ROAS there by 20%.

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