WonderInn - Case Study

Increased the number of bookings by 866.67% in 3 months

Before UAWC
Bookings (for 3 months)
Revenue (for 3 months)
Bookings (for 3 months)
Revenue (for 3 months)

Glamping Cabins in Norway

WonderInn offers an exclusive glamping experience in Norway, featuring unique accommodations like mirror cabins and glass cabins ideal for Northern Lights viewing. Conveniently located near Oslo, their focus is on providing serene, nature-immersive stays.




Diversify Booking Channels

Generate 30% of total bookings from new, diversified channels, including direct, OTAs, and partnership referrals.


Expand Market Reach

Broaden market reach by 25%, focusing on new geographic locations and demographic groups.


Brand awareness

We needed people to know about this project. To succeed, it had to become a trend.

More about our cooperation

Before we started our partnership, Google Ads was the primary traffic source, resulting in an average of over 3 weekly bookings for the client.

We started with a comprehensive Google Ads setup and a detailed campaign segmentation strategy. As a result, we consistently generated an extra 20+ monthly bookings on average.


1. Search Campaign — STAG via SKAG: Adapted our strategy for English (ENG) and Norwegian (NO) campaigns using SKAGs and STAGs. Tailored performance to specific language and location nuances.

  • ENG Bookings: Increased by 81.25%.
  • ENG Revenue: Grew to NOK 14,277.55 (+45.90%).
  • ENG ROAS: Reached 2.90.

2. Final Landing Page Optimization: Improved top-performing campaign landing pages, then extended these changes across all campaigns.

  • Overall Bookings: Jumped by 581.11%.
  • Total Revenue: Rose to NOK 126,920.58 (+1,004.24%).
  • Campaign ROAS: Achieved 5.74.

3. Brand Keyword Strategy Revision: Switched from Target Impression Share to tROAS strategy for cost-effectiveness while maintaining high performance.

  • Bookings: Increased by 11.46%.
  • Revenue: Boosted to NOK 74,171.33 (+272%).
  • ROAS: Soared to 19.58.

Overall Results

Over a 3-Month Period

Bookings: 40

Amount Spent: NOK27,714.93

Revenue: NOK138,414.47
ROAS: 4.99

English version:


Norwegian version:


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