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Over €1.3 m revenue in 6 months 6.5 + ROAS.

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Hero Data
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"Most important decision moving all ads to UAWC. They increased ROAS from 3.5 to 6.5 and expanded us into Snapchat, Google & Pinterest.

They also dramatically increased turnover and profitability. If you have a winning product and run all the adverts yourself you should consider hiring an ad agency. They made my life so much easier allowing me to focus on improving the product / customer experience. The spike in refunds was related to a bad batch of orders that got sent out that all had to be refunded (this highlighted the importance of quality control with your supplier) If you want more information on anything just put it in the comments I am also happy to recommend the ad agency I use for my stores."

Total Sales Jan 1 - Jul 10




Jack Cregan CEO - Preface Products Ltd



Increase in conversions

As with any other business, Urbanpods wanted more sales. We helped them achieve that.


Brand awareness

We needed people to know that the product was out there and that it was a legit option to consider. We also needed to counteract an avalanche of bad reviews.


Set up analytics

Without accurate conversion data, it would be impossible to determine if our efforts are paying off. For that, we needed to set up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on the client's e-commerce website

Advertising channels


The Road to Profits

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The Challenge

Dealing in wireless earbuds in this day and age is not an easy task, much less so for smaller businesses.

There are established brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, and JBL on one hand, while on the other there are a billion cheap, low-quality knock-offs. Each side of the spectrum caters to its own audience, making it extremely difficult for a new player to fit in and find their place.

Aside from the naturally high competition in their field of business, Urbanpods had one other major problem. One defective batch of products from their supplier had led to bad customer experiences and caused a lot of damage to their reputation.

As you can imagine, for an online store selling audio devices, an avalanche of bad reviews can be a death sentence, for reviews are the only way potential customers can get an idea of the product's quality.

In order to recover from that and return to the path to success, Urbanpods needed a miracle. As it happens, marketing miracles are what the UAWC team specializes in.

The Plan

With the above in mind, the first thing we needed to focus on was trust and brand awareness. We needed people to know that this product, this brand was out there and, more importantly, we needed them to know that it is up to their standards.

On a technical level, we needed to make sure that conversion tracking was working properly. For that, we set up Facebook Pixel and GTM tags on the client's website, then ran tests to make sure everything was working right.

The Strategy

Urbanpods video review

One of the first things we prioritized was influencer marketing and product reviews. We partnered with several well-known tech bloggers on YouTube and TikTok and asked them to create unboxing videos and reviews of the Urbanpods earbuds.

In the meantime, we tested the waters with different PPC campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook.

After the research phase was complete, we started introducing remarketing campaigns.

Once we had enough conversion data from the client's website, we created a lookalike audience in Facebook Ads and redirected the budget there. This helped us find more clients similar to the ones we already had.

In terms of creatives, the focus was, once again, on influencers. We used their testimonials and unboxing videos in our ads on Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and other platforms.

The Results

Urbanpods unboxing videos on TikTok

Before us, Urbanpods did not run any Shopping campaigns. We solved that by introducing A/B structure campaigns. This raised daily spending by 20-25%

The payoff?

A ROAS of 10-15.

Another strategy that proved successful was using Smart campaigns. Despite being easy to set up, they provided us with a ROAS of 5-7.

On Youtube, we ran three different campaigns, but with one goal - driving conversions. This resulted in an average ROAS of 4.5.

Overall, with our help, Ubanpods' revenue increased by no less than 500% (544%, to be precise)!

Here are some more numbers:

  • Average ROAS for all countries: 7-8.5;
  • Daily spending: 1500-2500 €;
  • The best results were from Italy with an average ROAS of 9 at daily spending of 350-400 €

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