Urbanpods - Case Study

Over €2.1m revenue in 6 months 6.5 + ROAS

Before UAWC
Ad Spent (1st month):
Revenue (1st month):
Ad Spent (6th month):
Revenue(6th month):

Most important decision moving all ads to UAWC. They increase ROAS from 3.5 to 6.5 and expanded us into Snapchat, Google & Pinterest.

They also dramatically increased turnover and profitability. If you have a winning product and run all the adverts yourself you should consider hiring an ad agency. They made my life so much easier allowing me to focus on improving the product / customer experience. The spike in refunds was related to a bad batch of orders that got sent out that all had to be refunded (this highlighted the importance of quality control in with your supplier) If you want more information on anything just put it in the comments I am also happy to recommend the ad agency I use for my stores.

Total Sales jan 1 - jul 10
Jack Cregan CEO - Preface Products Lt

About urbanpods

Urbanpods – wireless earphones – are a well-known brand. They sell their products in Italy and also the UK, RU, and FR. Their features include: All-day battery life, high quality, quick connection, wireless charging, lasting case, and affordability.


Increase ROAS for all countries
Expand on additional channels
Expand on new markets such as UK and Italy

Advertising channels

The three most successful campaign types (omnichannel)

Google Ads Shopping campaings

The client did not have any shopping campaigns. After we launched Alpha/Beta structure campaigns, we have increased the overall daily spending by 20-25% and the results turned out to be magnificent.

Results: 10-15 ROAS.

Youtube ads + influencers

We launched three different campaigns to drive more email sign ups. After person signed up there was a welcome flow in Klaviyo to complete purchase. More than 20 000 emails were generated.

Results: 4.5 ROAS.

Facebook Website Conversion campaigns

Website Conversion both on cold and warm audiences. Key success factor is our approach to test new creatives. Our developers pushed best assets into dashboard which allowed us to speed up analysis and A-B tests.

Results: 5-7 ROAS.

Best performing
Facebook ADS

Best performing
Snapchat ADS

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