7 effective Facebook Ads Scripts

Posted on 2023-11-13


What has the biggest influence on Facebook Ads results? Effective copy.

Ad copies are, at the end of the day, what really decides whether your ad gets clicked on or not.

You can have an ad budget to rival Apple's. But if your ad copies are mediocre and boring you will just waste it.

On Facebook, you are charged not on pay per click basis but for every 1000 impressions. It means that if you are using poor Facebook ads script you might end up getting much fewer users to your website. At the same time, you will be paying more for each click.


Let’s start with the principles:

Before we begin, it is important to outline the basic principles of writing we must have in mind when creating an ad. These are the basic writing rules that you should follow when working on all advertising platforms.

  • Keep it simple. Simple writing is persuasive. It requires the deletion of unnecessary and unimportant words. 
  • Don’t use stamps and clericalism.

The following example shows how you shouldn’t write under any circumstances:

“We are professionals; we have the best specialists, our company is a market leader”

It’s much better to write the following:

“We are a premier Google, Facebook and Snapchat Partner. Over the 10 years we developed an SOP system which helps to increase clients income in average by 300-500%“ .

  • Your first sentence needs to grab the attention of the reader. Check our first sentence in this article.
  • Write short sentences.
  • Are you writing for women or men? Emotions are important for women. They cling to amplifying words. For men, in contrast, facts are important – dry and on the spot language is needed for them. The reader wants to understand what he will get right now. Use insiders to let the reader think, “wow, it’s me they write about me!”

Now let’s move to specific scripts:


H – Catchy headline.

A – Logical arguments about the advantages of the product.

F – Add facts about your project. People like numbers and statistics.

A – Issue a personalized call to action.


ST – Specific time title. This means that the text headline is tied to the specific context of the time (example, X-mas, Black Friday, etc.).

I – Use Inspirational or motivational lyrics that stimulate interest and desire. Make sure that the text evokes an emotional response.

B – Specific benefit of the product. Do not be afraid to talk about the unique properties of your product. For example, if you sell a waterproof watch, then write “don’t be afraid if the watch is washed, nothing will happen to it” . Tell stories that originate from life as those are easier to believe and imagine.

A – Call to action.


C – Catchy headlines. Play with headlines. They can be a wordplay – your task is to hook the reader with the first sentence so that he continues to read to the end. Example “Sell online while offline.”

EExplain the offer.

B – Specific benefits.

I – Information about the author or company – if needed.

A – Personalized call to action + and emotion, for example, “Are you ready for changes in your life or is something holding you back?”

4. SEA. Short storytelling.

S – Story

E – Emotions

A – Action

In cases where you are selling a story and emotions (which a product provides for customers), you can offer an inspirational, motivational story to evoke the emotions “wow”, “I want this too”, or “this product will emphasize my uniqueness”. After that, place the call to action – gently push the reader to the idea that customers can do more, and it’s time to do that.

(In the example below, you can see a well-implemented call-to-action, manifested in the shape of a cardboard box.)


5. LBA Hurry up! (offer a discount)

L – Limited time + B – Benefit = A – Action

You can write a story with a limited number of das or goods based on the previous script. Don’t forget to indicate the benefits of the products!

6. BOA (good for remarketing)

BBuyer. You, yes, you, who reads this. Address the reader from the first sentence. Make a unique offer to the buyer. Focus on a personalized offer in connection with a previous purchase or visit to your site, even if the client didn’t make a purchase. Example “Didn’t find what you were looking for? or “Missed the discount? We have [your good] for you!” – as headings.

O – Opportunities of the offer. Gently, unobtrusively, with the help of the opportunities and advantages of the offer, we make it clear that our offer will be beneficial;

A – Action. The call to action talks about the result a person will get when he becomes a client.


One of the most difficult items. You need to perfectly know the client’s needs and come up with a solution without far-fetched falsehood, to not offend the client. Your product should solve a specific customer problem, even if the customer does not yet suspect that he has such a problem. Be a friend, show that you are aware of what’s bothering him. But don’t scare the customer with headers

N – In the headline, focus on needs, also characterized as pain. Highlight your reader and precisely, his interest

T – Build a model of trust. Become the reader’s “friend”, showing that you know about their problems and pains

O – Gently offer goods and services

D – Stimulate the reader’s desire

A – Personalized call to action

Of course, all these formulas are not set in stone, and you can combine them according to your preference. In conclusion, this short post shares the most important rules that are suitable for any context.

There are no magic words that will sell your product; there are only stories that resonate in the soul of the client.

Using an AI

Now you know everything you need to start creating successful ad copies. But what if we told you you don't have to?

With ChatGPT free and readily available for almost everyone in the world, there is little reason not to use it. It is more than capable of handling the time-consuming tasks of writing ad copies, or even full video scripts for you. Just be clear about what you are asking it to do.

Here is a list of things we have tried that the current version of ChatGPT has shown to be quite good at:

1. Come up with pain points.


Ask your new robot friend to come up with pain points for selling your product. Unless you are selling something extremely obscure, it will give you a list of problems that your product could solve.

While this is certainly not game-changing, using the AI this way can help you brainstorm ideas with more complicated products, or save you some brain work and creativity when thinking of an ad copy for something simpler.

2. Generate job stories from those pain points


ChatGPT can create short job stories out of the pain points it has generated. In our tests, the AI had little trouble coming up with the kind of users that could have encountered a pain point and describing the reason why it is important for them.

You can use these job stories as ideas for testimonials and other kinds of content, or even simply paste them into the scripts of your Facebook video ads.

3. Generating ad headlines


Unsurprisingly, ChatGPT is capable of doing this as well. You can even try to give it character limits depending on the platform you are creating your ad for.

In Facebook's case, that would be 40 characters, which can be somewhat limiting if you want to get really creative. However, unlike a human, ChatGPT has no limits in its active vocabulary. Therefore, its headline generation is, on average, faster and smoother, especially if you need to generate text in a language that you are not especially good with.

4. Ad copies and creative ideas


If you ask it nicely, ChatGPT can generate the whole ad copy for you, complete with text, headline, call-to-action, and an idea for an image. It can even go a step further and give you ideas for your videos.

At this point, the only thing this AI lacks to create a great copy is integration with one of its image-generating siblings like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.


Our ten years in digital marketing had taught us that sometimes, all it takes for a marketing campaign to go from good to amazing is just one creative, memorable, and engaging ad copy. We are hoping that this article helped you with understanding how to create one. But if you really want your ads to be the best they can ever be, you might want to consider our services.

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